Problems in the Renewable Energy Industry

The collapse in the price of solar-power panels has triggered an exponential expansion of new photovoltaic plants worldwide – leading to unprecedented local overcapacities on sunny days.

Local “feed-in” rewards into our mobile mining units are of a much higher magnitude than for regular feed-in tariffs from the nets.

Because photovoltaic prices have plummeted, it has become more and more attractive for solar plants to expand and invest in additional revenue streams that ensure a more stable output during periods of low solar irradiance. This however results in massive and unprecedented local overcapacities: the perfect use-case for our endeavor

Monetizing Overcapacities

Accessing unused overcapacities of renewables allows us to reach the world’s lowest electricity-price mix.

Investment with unprecedented Returns

Thanks to our fixed re-investment strategy, investors profit from exponentially growing revenues.

Creating a WIN-WIN-WIN

1. Decentralizing Blockchain.
2. Realizing the potential of feed-in revenues for power plants worldwide.
3. Direct participation of investors and token holders in this success.

Beating traditional mining operations

Exclusivity of patent rights: Unprecedented mobility, versatility and scalability secure the most crucial competitive advantage in mining operations: Accessing energy at the lowest price worldwide.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Environment data, mining and application performance for various cryptocurrencies & other use-cases.r

Real-Time Connection

Conncted to electricity exchange, real-time pricing information and cryptocurrency exchange.

Continuous Prediction

Selection of best cryptocurrencies & use-cases per MMU. Optimization of hardware lifecycles.

Real-Time Optimization

Optimizes weight given to primary/secondary cryptocurrency (dual-mining).