Introducing the Future of Smart Decentralized Blockchain Infrastructure

Highly profitable, global crypto-mining-infrastructure - Hosted in mobile, modular CSC containers - Decentralized placement directly at the energy source.

Extremely Mobile

We have engineered an extremely mobile mining solution, hosted in standardized CSC containers and ready for “plug-and-play” deployment at any energy source.

Accessing Cheap Energy

The price collapse of solar panels has led to tumbling electricity prices at photovoltaic plants worldwide. Our mining units can monetize virtually free local overcapacities.

Remotely Maintained

Our cutting edge mining-unit management platform connects all our units to one global, decentralized network using redundant 4G and satellite connections.

Patented Cooling

More than 40 times more efficient than traditional data centers: Using a patented cooling system, we achieve unprecedented power efficiency.

Scalability is no issue for us.

Our mining-units are indefinitely scalable due to efficient, available, low-cost hardware. Our decentralized concept allows an unprecedented usage of small- to mid-sized power hubs.

We are the only global mining operation - not affected by issues like energy price spikes, hardware shortages, governmental issues or fixed, stationary locations. We fight centralization. We have access to the world’s lowest priced energy sources. We create access to the smallest free transformer/inverter stations on the planet.

Fixing Blockchain & Energy Industry Problems

The Blockchain Boom has just Begun

The exponential growth of blockchain-based applications has led to a similar explosion in the demand of mining infrastructure. Traditional mining competitors have to deal with numerous problems. Few of them apply to our mobile, decentral and scalable strategy!

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Creating a Win-Win for Everyone

We create a win-win scenario for power plants: We pay power-plants (and other energy hubs) for letting us use their otherwise unused local overcapacities. Win-win for the blockchain: We provide stability by decentralizing mining activities again, letting the community fully participate in mining and making mining-operations immune to local regulations, governmental restrictions, energy price spikes and bringing peace of mind to the global blockchain infrastructure.

Plug & Play

We engineered a modular, turnkey solution featuring a fully automatic startup that guarantees fully autonomous mining power


Our mobility concept enables super-simple transportation and worldwide deployment, providing immunity, e.g. from local political restrictions.

Fully Scalable

Mobile and efficient low-cost hardware and optimized propietary management hardware guarantees excellent scalability..

High Growth

Our reinvestment strategy enables us to quickly grow our fleet of mobile mining units, continously boosting dividend payouts each year.

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Time is running out!

BZP tokens are limited and in high demand, due to our outstanding approach in crypto infrastructure.